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The Show at Joe's Pub

Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre in New York, NY played host on Saturday, March 1st, 2003 to a unique event celebrating the protest-song tradition through performances of repertoire drawn from the definitive sourcebook, The Vietnam Songbook. The evening featured musical performances by artists who've experienced the '60's anti-War movement including Barbara Dane, Pete Seeger, Tuli Kupferberg, Bev Grant and Matt Jones along with noted Vietnam Vet/musicians Watermelon Slim, Joe Bangert, Noble I'm Manu El:Bey and younger musicians such as Thurston Moore, Jenni Muldaur, Barry Reynolds, Jim O'Rourke, Stephan Smith, Dean Wareham, David Licht, Lenny Kaye and Curtis Eller.

The musical program "Songs of Protest: The Vietnam Songbook" was organized and produced by NYC musicians Don Fleming and Kim Rancourt.


The Songs performed at the show. Photos of the show.
Our fantastic crew and contributors. Backstage photos.